Monday, September 12, 2011

The Sound of Music

Did you realize that I started this blog with 420 days until the wedding, and today is 215?!?! 205 days ago... holy cannoli! 

Anyhoo, I spent a godly amount of time on the Brooch Bouquet and on Ceremony music this weekend.  The bouquet will get its own post, but I did want to share some of the amazing music choices that I was finally able to decide on.

As I've mentioned in the past, we're using family friends to sing during the actual ceremony and mass, but because we are doing the ring warming, I wanted them to be part of the "guests" before the ceremony begins.  Thus began my quest for music that is not only appropriate for the Church, but is wholly "us."

After a few months of finding some contenders, such as:

That was really as far as it had gotten.  Then I stumbled across The Vitamin String Quartet (for those of you who are not familiar, click the link and explore some of their covers, go ahead, I'll wait...)

They are, in a word, incredible.  I love that they do covers of popular music and classic rock (as well as heavy metal - such a trip).  But I love most that they have songs that are meaningful to us as a couple.  And not necessarily just meaningful in a sentimental way, but fun too.  

Since the songs are all instrumental they work for the Church, and because they are songs that almost everyone knows there will be that moment of "Hey... this sounds familiar..." which makes the whole thing a little more mellow.

Some of the songs we liked that we did not make the final cut were: Welcome to the Jungle; Man in the Mirror; Anything, Anything; and At Last... to name a few.

Those that did win (in the order they will be played):

Songs while Guests arrive (approx 20-25min):
Layla - (see website for snippet)

Songs for Ring Warming (approx 5-10 minutes):
Crash Into Me - (see website for snippet)

Song for Parents/Gparents being seated:
Have I Told You Lately (that I Love You) - (see website for snippet)

Processional Songs:
I'll Stand By You - (see website for snippet)

With the exception of Canon in D, all the songs are as performed by Vitamin String Quartet.  The version of Canon in D that I am using is as performed by the London Symphony.  We're really excited about our choices.  I know that the whole songs for a few of the seatings will be cut, but in general it is really the mood of them that makes me most happy.  This is just another of those details many people will miss, but that makes me smile to know how nicely it fits into our overall vision for the day.


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