Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I had quite the internal debate today and I blame it entirely on my $25 off coupon to TigerLilly.  They have incredible jewelry!!! Absolutely stunning.

Here are some of the necklace finalists:



and bracelets:





My dilemma was this: I already have earrings, which can only be classified as showstoppers:

They are blingy and beautiful, and I love them!  However, it hasn't been easy to find partners to go with them. My dress is pretty decked out as well, so my jewelry had to enhance rather than compete.  Not so easy.  I finally determined the metal would either have to be rosegold, or the main stone would have to be mother of pearl.  That helped me select the finalists above.  Some even had the brooch to go with my bouquet.  However, after much debate, and factoring in some of the hefty price tags, I narrowed it down to the Chelsea set.

They are stunning in their simplicity and have the perfect amount of oomph, without being over the top.  I think they will go fabulously with my earrings, and my dress.  Plus they were the cheapest of all the options... isn't that always a plus?!?

Can't wait for them to arrive!!!

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