Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Bouquet of Doom (well, not really)

I have alluded to this masterpiece on more then one occasion, but refrained from  adding any pictures because... well, we just weren't 100% happy with it.  We realized last night, that no one will inspect it like we did, nor even get as up close and personal to it as we were.  So that really helped us relax and appreciate our months of hard work.

You may remember me posting pictures about what we started with:

And how it grew:

And how we practiced:

And how we stored it:
In case you couldn't tell these are hanging from a wire on our wall.
We strategically placed them there so they would be out of reach of Mr. Scooter's sneaky paws.

Please ignore the weird flatted side... 

But, without further ado - Here is the finished project, from a plethora of views:

The owl charm may be my second favorite element of the whole she-bang... next to the most perfect knob finisher (yes, that is a technical term) that Future Hubby picked out all by himself!  Isn't he amazing?!?! 

I thought that the wiring and duck taping were the worst parts of the whole thing (since they were so tedious and had to be redone a few times), but it turns out that the hot gluing of the ribbon was my undoing.  I burnt my poor fingers so many times and have a lovely blister or two to show for my hard work.  I also have been gifted with the wisdom that if I ever need to hot glue again, Future Hubby will be doing it. haha!

Side note:  I have gotten quite a few reactions to my informing people I was using a brooch bouquet instead of a traditional one.  My responses really vary on gender... women think it's the best idea since sliced bread... and men go "huh? wastha?" But both think that they are soooo cute when they ask "you aren't going to throw that one are you? It looks soooo heavy."

OMG! Yes, it's freaking heavy, but have you seen it? Helllooooo it's amazing.  Besides, I just have to carry it down the aisle... Ms. MOH actually has to hold it during the ceremony... haha! We may have to find a nice vase to hold it in.  (and if you are wondering, thats whole grain brown rice in the vase. ;] )

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