Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maybe the Bears Won't Be Homeless After All!

I am a very excited Megan today! Perhaps you remember these guys:

Well, last time I updated you all, these poor bears were homeless.  Apparently babies don't eat out of the good 'ol fashion jars these days.  And since my alternative was to buy and waste a bunch of baby food I wanted to try one more time to just get the jars sans food.

This morning I sat down and made myself do some research (which went a lot more smoothly then the last time) and found our perfect jars (that come with their lids!) for a great price.

found @ Bittercreek South

Aren't they adorable?  So these little guys come in a case of 24 for a little over $12.  I ordered 6 cases, and got an estimate for shipping of $24.42.  Well, to make matters even more exciting my actual cost for shipping was even less.

Because the jars come with the lids the $.52 /each is a fantastic price, especially since everywhere else the lids were separate and/or the shipping was $70+.  Not too shabby right?

And that is how the tasty little bears found the perfect home.


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