Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I've gotten to the point in our wedding planning process where I want to share things you with you dear readers (all two of you... hi Mom!) but, knowing that the save the dates have gone out and a wandering eye or two of some of our guests may find their way here... well, there's some things that just need to be experienced fresh on the day of.  For full impact, ya know?

That, however, has not kept me from plodding along on my ever growing DIY task list.  I may have mentioned a time or two, about the unflagging support of Future Husband and how he helps keep me motivated about the various elements we have decided to take on.

We have began the slow process of piecing together small elements of our invitations.  Tangent: I thought these wouldn't have to go out until the end February but I actually need a final count in the beginning of March, which means my invites have to go out in the beginning/middle of January, with an RSVP for the end of February... YIKES!

We have also decided on the style of our Programs, and I am absolutely dying to share them with you.  They are fantastic, and handmade, and just so so fabulous.  Great keepsakes. However, that is one of the secrets I am forcing myself to keep.

We decided this weekend that it's time to take up our families on their offers of support (granted, some persons have been a little more lackluster than others... one of those "let me know if you need anything... (but please never ask me for help)" situations).  Between the invites and now the programs (and lets not discuss the shoes or veil for now...) there's a lot of little steps that can be knocked out in a matter of hours v. the days it would take us on our own.  As such, we're going to wait for the rest of the supplies to straggle in over the next couple of weeks, and then we'll arrange for a crafting weekend in the mountains.

It will be a semi retreat/project marathon where we can tackle some of these project pieces and perhaps even begin to assemble them.  We may need a few of these, but at this point neither of us want another Bouquet situation...

Anyhoo, enough with the mystery for now.  Can I share an element of these secrets I speak of?  You have to promise you'll act suitably surprised and awed at the wedding... okay.  Here's my most recent computer crafting:

I know, I'm pretty proud of it too! Where is this lovely little element going to appear you ask?  I'll never tell! [at least not for another 171 days!]

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rollercoaster Agenda or A Case of the What Ifs

So I have to apologize in advanced for this post, I've drank quite a bit of wine and was in a pretty stressed out state prior to the wine.  I was hoping it would help me relax, but unfortunately I seem to be a bit more anxious then I started. Arg.

I alluded to the rollercoaster in my last post. In an 18 month engagement the first 12 months feels like the climb to the top.  You're in a constant state of anticipation.  It's sort of like you're waiting your turn to be "actually engaged" because you're wedding's so far away you hear more than your share of the "why are you waiting so long" jokes.  Really, they aren't funny.  You should just keep that one to yourself and go with the "that's such a great time for a wedding" comment.  Goes over a lot better.  You'll thank me for that advice later.

Well... we have gotten to the top.  This is the moment that we've been leading up to.  The moment when you are REALLY engaged.  When all of a sudden you go from having a wedding ages away to just around the corner.  When now, things need and SHOULD be getting done.  I know, in my inner sane self, that many women plan weddings within this period (and sometimes even sooner) but honestly, as a Bride to Be... I don't care about those other women.  Unless I can use their experience and ideas to make my own wedding better that is.  (sorry, but really... other brides know what I mean... its like bridal tunnel vision).  [editors note... typing is getting increasingly more difficult.  I anticipate a series of misspelled words and grammatical errors. You have been warned.]

We have been doing a fantastic job of finding manageable and creative projects to add special and meaningful touches to our wedding.  Honestly, finding things to add isn't the problem.  And Will has been fantastic with helping me accomplish all of my seemingly impossible tasks.  His help has made my estimate completion time seem like a joke.  I love how involved he has been.  This really is our day, and our little touches and hours of brainstorming are really in every bit of our day.  I hope our guests take a moment to appreciate it.  Hell, I hope WE can take a moment to appreciate it.  I am so excited that we are in this part of our lives together.  I try to remind myself to take deep breathes and enjoy it.  Life it rough.  I'm stressed out.  Work is hard.  BUT, I'm engaged.  This is a once in a lifetime state, well... planning for a wedding the first time is, at least.  I want to enjoy all these decisions and projects (and for the most part... closet instance aside I do) but damnit I am tired.  And anxious.  And stressed the F out.  I am soooo tired of worrying about money.  I am tired of worrying about whether my dress is going to fit and if I will look good in my picture.  I want us to look natural and in love.  What if we look awkward?  What if our guests think that our wedding sucks?

And why do I care so much?  Its an endless cycle of crap that circles in my mind.  You show any sign of weakness, and you are devoured by your insecurity.  I wish I could turn the bride brain off for just a few hours.  I want to just be Megan for awhile.  I feel like I have handled my planning process well.  Spread things out and tackled projects well in advanced. But somehow, and I don't know how the calendar pulled this one, time still snuck up on me.

Well, lets just hope the ride down is as thrilling and fun and amazingly fantastic as the last 12 months made me feel like it would be.

Enough drunken complaining for now.  And please don't let the stress fool you.  I am excited, and I want to do all of these projects I've taken on.  I just hope you guys notice these details and I'm not jumping through these hoops for nothing! (who am I kidding... I would do it anyway.)

XOXO (although the SOS I typed on accident also seems appropriate) Wino Megan

Friday, October 14, 2011

Top of the Rollercoaster

Phew, we made it! I consider the 6 month mark a pretty major milestone for our engagement process.  This is when things start heating up and it feels more "real".  By now many of our guests have received their Save the Dates =) and a lot of the planning is done.  It's time for these projects to come to life.

Instead of the To-Do List Hydra (because I didn't accomplish a whole lot after that Bouquet Monster) I thought I would preview some "coming attractions."  These are the most recent projects the fiance and I have tackled.

Little Ones Activity Books
Status: Completed

For a project that required such little effort on my part, I really love these!  I found images I liked on-line, followed a template, created a cross-word, and printed out the pages.  I realized that this was slightly flawed, so then I cut and taped the pages in the order I wanted, determined how the pages needed to lay in order to have them printed on the backside of the previous page correctly (longest process!), then I simply assembled, hole punched and tied with a ribbon. Ta-da!

Assembly Line

My Pretty Ribbon

Interior Ribbon
I think the kids will have fun with their flower crayons! I only made 10 books, so hopefully I didn't forget too many kiddie's. =D

Guest Book Post Cards:
Status: Completed (for now)

Next up on the list was printing off the 1930s machinery images on cardstock (easy peasy on my work printer - not the case for my cheap-o printer at home.  Sorry for the scary noises it made Scooty!).  When I got home from work my darling future husband took over the cutting process, because it was very apparent I had no talent for working the little machine (apparently stay in the lines applies here too...), but! I was very good at the stamping process, so while he cut out the post cards I stamped the backs.  The whole process took about 25 minutes (or 2 half episodes of Rob and Big).

I also wrote on the back of a few so our guests would know there were no "rules" when it came to signing these.  We decided we would get a big photo collage frame and our favorites would get hung inside and put on our wall.  Yay for finding a way for our "guestbook" to be art!

Surprise Project
Status: In Progress

I don't want to give too much away on this one, because its part of a BIG reveal project, but future hubby has been working soooo hard on these that I had to share.  Again, I was swiftly booted off this project, which was fine by me! I had a hellofatime designing the buggers on Vistaprint anyway, so I think it's safe to say my portion of the work was on the concept and design end.

Test subjects

The winners in Phase 2 of Production
So you see, while we haven't been knocking things off left and right, we certainly haven't been sitting idly by either.  We have a few wedding related things to do this week (like payments -not fun- and tastings -the best!).

Are you ready for the ride?  It feels like the rollercoaster is starting it's way down, and it sure is picking up speed!!!

Via I <3 Triangles