Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starbucks and Wendy Kathleen McElfish

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of finally meeting with our photographer Wendy Kathleen McElfish.

After spending a handful of years working with various photographers, I knew what I liked, and what kind of feel I wanted my pictures to have.  Wendy's style is very soft and romantic, her wedding pictures make me think of fairy tales, and I can't imagine a better thought for a wedding to convey.

I made the drive to Huntington Beach, and kept my eye out for the Starbucks.  Even with my GPS, I still managed to drive past it the first time, and when I made my way back I ended up outside of an Albertson's.  Now, the Albertson's did have a Starbucks in it, and yes I did go in a look for Wendy (hello, my name is Megan).  After wandering back out of the grocery store, and eying the giant barbecue pit that was being set up by the Huntington Beach fire department, I finally spotted the Starbucks and headed over.

I met up with Wendy in line and we grabbed a seat, chattering from the second we said hello until an hour and a half later when we left.  I think we talked about Will and I and the wedding for awhile, and I got to see more beautiful pictures, but mainly we talked about photography and all the ideas we had for photoshoots.  It was truly a meeting of minds.  I think there's a possibility Ms. Wendy and I will be collaborating in the future, so excited!

Minus the creepy guy who came up to us and was talking about how we should have someone filming our reflections in the window, because it looked so beautiful, it was a really enjoyable morning.

I know it's still a year away, but I am so excited to see how Wendy captures my fairy tale!

Please visit Wendy's site and leave her some love, she's so so talented!
Wendy's Website and Blog

Fabric, Rhinestones and Donuts(?)... OH MY!

Our field trip to the Fashion District started bright and early on Saturday morning. Laurie picked me up promptly at 8 and we were off to join the others.  Once everyone was locked and loaded we made the trek down to LA, and began the ridiculous process of looking for a parking spot.  I think we may have spent more time searching for, and parking in, a lot, then we did actually driving to the city.  We ended up on a roof, where the lady attendant smiled and told us we wouldn't get blocked in.  As I had to race back to the car roughly 10minutes later (to grab my shoes!), she was already well on her way to creating a Tetris puzzle of epic proportions. But that is neither here nor there...

After solving our parking dilemma, we (quite eagerly might I add) raced across the street and into the first fabric store.  Grandma didn't make it that long, she had already started touching and oohing the second we were on the street.  My mom joked that she was going to get whiplash she was so excited by all the stores. We walked the few blocks down to where the bead stores where, only to find out Berger's was not opening for another 15minutes. 

Wondering where we should go in the interim, we wandered through an amazing orchid shop, it had the most beautiful mini orchids!!! They were Barbie size, truly breathtaking.  Then right as we were about to enter another shop Grandma spotted a donut store across the street.  As soon as the word donut was out, I'm pretty sure I heard everyone's stomachs growl.  As it happened there was a little donut stand directly in front of us, but after eying the little stand Grandma was not impressed, and Laurie and my Mom both put their wallets away.  As we walked to the other donut store, we came to find there was not a single donut in residence!  Rather than going back to the little stand, as a matter of principle I suppose, no one got any donuts.  

It was at this point the attention turned towards the purpose of the excursion, and we started wandering into various little Bead stores.  I was Not Impressed with the first few we entered, and Berger's was still not open, so we continued to wander.  Finally we found a store that was both clean (huge points for this) and well organized.  They had so many sparkly things, I think i was momentarily blinded.  They had acrylic, glass, wood, crystal, pearl beads.  Row after row.  I started off looking at the glass and acrylic, because the price point was just so nice. However, when you dream of your Cinderella slippers, it's inevitable you end up looking at the Swarovski crystals.  Nothing can sparkle like that, except maybe diamonds, which I am pretty sure was NOT an option. =)

I think this was the point I lost the support of my fellow adventurers.  As a point of reference, please direct your attention to the color chart below.  How the heck was I suppose to make a fast decision with so many gorgeous options!!!

After the lady stared at us awkwardly for about 15 minutes, I made up my mind and we made our purchase.  I had known, from previous research, what Berger's prices were, and this place was the same, but had we gone to Berger's I am sure the service (which had left much to be desired) would have been substantially better.

As it turns out, I got 4 different colors in 2 different sizes each.  Not that you can clearly read the names, but I chose: Crystal AB, Silk AB, Amethyst and Purple Silk.  I really fell in the love with the color Heliotrope, but it was just a bit too blue in certain lights.  Now that that decision has been made, I'm on to the next challenge, getting the stones on the shoes. As another point of reference, this is about how small the stones are (yes that is a dime):

This is one project thats truly a labor of love.

Here's a bigger picture of the amethyst stones:
I know, I know... amazing!

We then spent the next hour and a half puttering around and making various purchases.  Grandma has some great ideas in store for some presents! =) Finally, our trip had come to an end, but not before we got to witness the madness of the rooftop parking lot, and we missed the on ramp to the 110 about five times. Figures.

Oh, ps:  here's a picture of what my next stone project is going to be:

Ready Mom??? =)