Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Does Everybody Know What Time It Is?

If you said (or shouted) "Tool Time!" kudos for the 90s Home Improvement reference, however, you would be wrong. Today is officially the 7 month mark until the BIG day. EEK! and YAY! *confetti cannon*

As has become a bit of a tradition (really... does two consecutive months in a row make a tradition???) it's time for a quick recap of all the amazing progress made in the last 31 days, annnnd a look ahead.  Are you ready for this? I went nuts last month!

Tasks Completed:
- Guest List Finalized (and of course we are over our cap!)
- Address compilation (completed except for 4!)
- STDs ordered and 40 out of 75 envelopes have been addressed, stuffed and sealed.
- BM dresses finalized and 3 outta 6 were ordered, I know 2 have even been received, yay!
- Honeymoon destination reselected; itinerary set up; flights arranged; initial deposit paid.
- Brooch Bouquet (huge PITA and success): rest of brooches ordered; backs wired - talk about a                   marathon...but I digress; bouquet assembled and secured ready for final touches.
- Brooch Bouts: Separated into groups, need to glue and secure (Hubby to be's alll done!)
- Veil supplies purchased and design selected
- My "H" for the Generations of Love set up has been painted and is all but finished.
- Ceremony music and order selected; with exception of actual mass music
- Further planning for Ring Warming - love locks and letters in the chest (more on this later!)
- Initial research into "Guest Book": bench v. vintage postcards and special mailbox v. typewriter v. memory book
- Deposits paid for both the DJ and cocktail and dinner time entertainer.
- Figured out Favors and ordered (and received) hex jars!
- Lots of work on Shoes (and more stones ordered)!
- Supplies purchased for envelope liners... way in advanced.
- Set up block of rooms @ Crowne Plaza (albeit a very small block, c'est la vie).
- Ordered add'l gifts for BM Ash
- Table names selected
- Research into Alcohol quantities started

For Next Month (aka the HYDRA):
- Set up Final Pre-Marriage Counseling session; pick date/location and reserve space
- Finish Brooch Bouquet and Bouts
- Set up appointment w/ MUA (figure out if she's still "In")
- Finalize plan for guest book...
- Start gathering lots of money! (deposits become due in October... *gulp*)... HEY! I think this is a valid item
- Send out STDs (figure out postage/hand-cancelling issues)
- Finalize registries
- Try and finish Shoes.
- Figure out overall look/concept for Invitation Suite
- Finish up BM bags and give out the rest (and find a box to send BM J's).
- Figure out contents/items to purchase for OOT bags (and how this will work)
- Work on a Plan B for the Baker situation, just in case.
- Are we doing E-Pics? If so... this show needs to get on the road.
- Start thinking about ordering Invites (find out cost and see if this will have to wait a bit).
- Finalize Menu
- Determine whether centerpieces will need to be bolstered and how.
- Table Names - concept?

Man 'o Man... they just keep comin' don't they?  Sadly I know I've forgotten some stuff from each list, but it's alright, not like there's a shortage of things to do now is there?!?!?!

Stay tuned my darlings, I have a feeling things are about to get interesting!

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