Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Here! It's Here!

That's right, Little Bit's... aka BM Bit, aka Sister... BM dress arrived yesterday!!!

It's kind of a funny story that involves me pausing mid sentence and doing a double take at the UPS box sitting on the couch.  I see a) it's addressed to BM Bit and b) its from China.  I knew what it was and wasted no time ripping the package open [deterred only momentarily at the newfangled packaging... thanks again for coming to the rescue Husband to be!] and low and behold... there she was.

I think angels sung.  All of my fears about the color being too light, or the quality being poor evaporated. [Although, again, I paused when the dress looked nothing like the photo, my heart stopped for a second before I realized I was holding the dress inside out... phew, crisis averted!]

Then I had to wait. And wait. And wait (for all of 15minutes) while my Mom and BM Bit got there. I held the dress in my lap, or would dance around the house holding it up against me just to watch the skirt twirl. *insert wistful sigh here* it was perfect.

Everyone agrees. =) Or they do to my face, which is all that matters.  And without further ado... may I present BM Bit in her lovely dress:

The Front

The Back

Twirly Goodness

And yes, my exact direction was, twirl it! twirl it! make the skirt go woosh! =) haha, God Bless BM Bit for being a willing participant to my wedding addiction.

Might I also add, the peep toe pumps make a fabulous accessory to the dress?

Ahh... so excited, and so relieved.  Thankfully, I can lay this one to rest for now. Annnnd on to the next project. 

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