Friday, September 9, 2011

The Love of My Life, and well, the Other Love of My Life.

Italy...  and here is the story of how my fabulous Husband to Be made this life long dream come true...

We were trying to plan what our Honeymoon would look like in Thailand so that we could start to officially plan and book it. Well, that was tricky.  We realized that out of the places we wanted to stay, there was no easy way to move between them.  Also, neither of us was familiar with the territory, so how would we know if we were making huge planning mistakes? Yes, this is part of the adventure of traveling, but how much do you really want to risk on your honeymoon???

Exactly.  Enter Husband to Be.  He sat on the computer for hours, God Bless 'im, tweaking and planning and tweaking and planning, until we found an affordable way for us to take a 6 city (3 or is it 4 country) 20 days and nights tour of Western Europe.  We get about 3 days per place, which is enough to enjoy and give me a taste of each.

Where are we going you ask? Well! Why don't I show you?

First destination: Edinburgh, Scotland

 Where we will drink this:
I was going to post a picture of Haggis, because Future Hubby is obsessed with it (think of Homer drooling... yea he looks like that), but have you seen that stuff? *shudder* not particularly something you want to show off.

Destination 2: London, England

Where we will see this:
and eat this:

and drink this:
before heading to Destination 3: Paris, France

Where we will maybe see one of these:
Definitely eat some of these:

And drink a little of this:
Destination 4: Venice, Italy

Where we will eat A LOT of this:

And drink some more of this:
Destination 5: Florence, Italy

and eat a little more of these

and definitely drink more of this!

Until we finally end up at destination 6: Roma, Italy

Where, you guessed it, we will probably eat some more of this:

And I will drink more of this

While Husband, now tired of the above, will try and find some of this
Annnnd then, we will be doing this the whoooole way home! 

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