Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 month sprint begins!

Today is the official 2 month mark until the best day ever.  The funny thing is, I've been saying 2 months (actually I've been going by days ever since we hit double digits) for like the last two weeks.  The fact of the matter is that as soon as today is over, in my head we're looking at a month and half, and then when the first rolls around my brain is thinking its a month.  There's this weird backwards timewarp where you start rounding down instead of up as you get closer to the official day.

It's complete insanity.  Things are really flying by and I can hardly keep up with everything.  It's all so surreal.   I'm finally at the part I've been looking forward to for the last 16 months, and it doesn't feel like it at all.  I even had an impromptu/surprise bridal shower from a few family members a couple weeks ago, and I get to pick up my now altered and bustled dress tomorrow, and It still doesn't feel real yet, despite those two very exciting milestones.

My official bridal shower will be a week from Sunday, and then our final marriage prep retreat/precana/whateveryoucallit is the following weekend, and then just two weeks later its time to pick up our marriage licenses and go to Vegas to celebrate the close of the single chapter of our lives.  Then there are only 3 weeks (and I really think weekends, because who gets anything done after an 8 hour work day?) so with that logic, it's only like 6 days before the wedding.

You think with that weird timewarp counting, things would feel a little more... finished? close? upon us?  But they don't.  I wonder when that feeling will finally hit?  Any guesses?

Also, as a little present before I leave you (and since I abandoned you so you missed out... and because I worked so gosh dang hard on them) here are my cute little countdowns for months 3 and 4.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

62 days to go!!!

Could I have had any longer of a break between posts? Sheesh.  I know, I fail as a Bride Blogger, but let it suffice to say that the stuff has really hit the fan.  A lot of fires have been put out and things are not only back on track, but getting crossed off that to-do list.  For example,

Dress fittings have been completed, and I will be picking her up next week.
The flower girl pommanders have been completed!!!

My shoes are almost done, and Will's are finished =)
Even our shoes look good together!

Veil project was set aside, and my lovely and amazing Grandmother helped me pick out the perfect veil to go with my lovely dress.
Invitations have been finished and sent (and despite the hiccups at the postoffice, Mickey and Minnie even responded already!)
the guys cutting twine and lace; and hot gluing wood hearts

Twine threading and envelope stuffing
The key players

Programs - Will's labor of love- are underway

My hard worker =)

Fabric and Ribbon Covered Covers

Cardboard pre Covering, and mock up
Mock up with Bead Closure

Close up of Closure.

After finding out the BM dresses were discontinued, we were able to make sure all the bridal party has ordered their outfits (and including our adorable flower girls!)
Parent gifts were selected and purchased (so excited to pass these out!)
Bride/Groomsmen ties were selected and purchased
Ceremony music and readings are being finalized, and a new officiant found and locked in (I hope)
Favors assembled and finished.
Centerpieces reconfigured and parts selected
Only a FRACTION of the bottles and hankies and candle holders... YIKES

Table names printed and framed
Alcohol being purchased and stored. =)

As you can see, that's a lot of stuff!  And, I'm positive, I have forgot a few of the more minor projects.  There are so many more pictures to share, and so many little things I can't wait to post about.  Like my impromptu/surprise bridal shower and my actual bridal shower.  =)

I promise to be better (or at least try).  xoxo - the bride to be!