Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Bouquet of Doom (well, not really)

I have alluded to this masterpiece on more then one occasion, but refrained from  adding any pictures because... well, we just weren't 100% happy with it.  We realized last night, that no one will inspect it like we did, nor even get as up close and personal to it as we were.  So that really helped us relax and appreciate our months of hard work.

You may remember me posting pictures about what we started with:

And how it grew:

And how we practiced:

And how we stored it:
In case you couldn't tell these are hanging from a wire on our wall.
We strategically placed them there so they would be out of reach of Mr. Scooter's sneaky paws.

Please ignore the weird flatted side... 

But, without further ado - Here is the finished project, from a plethora of views:

The owl charm may be my second favorite element of the whole she-bang... next to the most perfect knob finisher (yes, that is a technical term) that Future Hubby picked out all by himself!  Isn't he amazing?!?! 

I thought that the wiring and duck taping were the worst parts of the whole thing (since they were so tedious and had to be redone a few times), but it turns out that the hot gluing of the ribbon was my undoing.  I burnt my poor fingers so many times and have a lovely blister or two to show for my hard work.  I also have been gifted with the wisdom that if I ever need to hot glue again, Future Hubby will be doing it. haha!

Side note:  I have gotten quite a few reactions to my informing people I was using a brooch bouquet instead of a traditional one.  My responses really vary on gender... women think it's the best idea since sliced bread... and men go "huh? wastha?" But both think that they are soooo cute when they ask "you aren't going to throw that one are you? It looks soooo heavy."

OMG! Yes, it's freaking heavy, but have you seen it? Helllooooo it's amazing.  Besides, I just have to carry it down the aisle... Ms. MOH actually has to hold it during the ceremony... haha! We may have to find a nice vase to hold it in.  (and if you are wondering, thats whole grain brown rice in the vase. ;] )

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I had quite the internal debate today and I blame it entirely on my $25 off coupon to TigerLilly.  They have incredible jewelry!!! Absolutely stunning.

Here are some of the necklace finalists:



and bracelets:





My dilemma was this: I already have earrings, which can only be classified as showstoppers:

They are blingy and beautiful, and I love them!  However, it hasn't been easy to find partners to go with them. My dress is pretty decked out as well, so my jewelry had to enhance rather than compete.  Not so easy.  I finally determined the metal would either have to be rosegold, or the main stone would have to be mother of pearl.  That helped me select the finalists above.  Some even had the brooch to go with my bouquet.  However, after much debate, and factoring in some of the hefty price tags, I narrowed it down to the Chelsea set.

They are stunning in their simplicity and have the perfect amount of oomph, without being over the top.  I think they will go fabulously with my earrings, and my dress.  Plus they were the cheapest of all the options... isn't that always a plus?!?

Can't wait for them to arrive!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Guest Non-Book

Staying true to our vintage inspired theme, we wanted to do something fun for our guest book.  We both really loved the idea of having our guests sign a bench or furniture item that would be displayed in our future home, but due to the whole transportation aspect, and the not knowing what said future home would look like, that got scrapped.

My darling future husband stumbled across some great ideas, my favorite being the mailbox and postcards.  The idea is that the postcards would be sent to the couple while their on their honeymoon, so that when they get home they would have a mailbox full of love. =)  This isn't necessarily practical, but we did like the idea.

We're going to find a mailbox that is either vintage, or that we can gussy up and personalize which will hold the postcards.  I found some great images online of old machines and gadgets from the early 1900s to the 1930s which will be the front of our postcards, and I got a vintage postcard stamp, which we will use on the back.

Guests can then write brief notes or give advice to the newly weds and "mail" their postcard by putting it in the mailbox.  I will think of something cool to do with the postcards later on.  Maybe little flip books or something.  Anyhoo, I stumbled across these images on Calder Clark's website today, and it gave me some great display ideas, so I wanted to share:

It looks like so much fun! Finding old library drawers is such a great idea.  I can't wait to see of other ways we can display our guest "book."  That's all for now, just wanted to share a little something since today the highly anticipated 200 day mark. yay!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Putting it into Perspective

About a month ago I started having the first of those dreaded wedding nightmares.   Remember the nightmares of showing up somewhere and being completely naked?  Well, they're sort of like that, except it's a complete compilation of everything you fear could go wrong, actually going wrong.  As we chug along on this train called time, and the big day steadily grows bigger and closer on the horizon (how's that for a metaphor?) my nightmares become more real and intense.

The funny thing is, in the dreams themselves, I can feel all of the emotion and excitement that I expect I would feel on my actual wedding day.  Then, sadly, bit by bit things begin to fall apart.  More interestingly, it always happens at the same Victorian style house.  Some of the "tragedies" are people eating the cake, my dress not fitting, my shoes not being done, by bouquet not being finished, people not being there... oddly, in this last one I fell into a kiddy pool, not sure how that relates to actual fears that I have, but knowing my subconscious that probably relates to something.

In the worst of the dreams, I got to the back of the aisle, the doors opened and I saw Will waiting for me at the end.  My dress wasn't done in the back, and I had a purple ribbon belt that was flying behind me as I ran down the aisle and jumped into his arms, sobbing.  The detail that strikes me the most, is that despite all these other calamities he's still there waiting.  The most important thing.  It's good to know that even in the midst of all my other fears, I don't doubt him.  I suppose, practically speaking, even should all of those other things fall apart, at the end of the day, all I need is him waiting for me at the end of the aisle.

We're getting close to the 200 day mark, which always felt like a big milestone for me.  All of a sudden time feels a bit out of control and the days get more cluttered.  It's harder to focus on completing tasks that I have given to myself.  Things I took on because I was so excited about them.  I guess, in the spirit of honesty, that I have been trying to run from them, because the thought of taking on a project whose outcome matters so much to me, and failing, was just too much.  So, after a week of running, I finally made myself sit down and cross two items that have been plaguing me off of the list.

I finished the registry (or at least getting it to a point that felt comfortable).  Registering has been the least favorite task so far.  It's hard knowing what you want, but more than that it's damn near impossible making sure that you have enough options in price for near 150 people.  Not to mention knowing how the heck to decorate a future home I do not have/know/have seen...  anyway.  We have so many things already, that many items are upgrades or things we would never be able to afford for ourselves.  And it was hard to figure out what those things were.  At the end of the day, I'm just glad I was able to "strap on my lady balls and make a decision" as a very wise woman once said.

Aside from that, I finished addressing our STD envelopes today.  I wanted to hand do them, because I knew it was expected of me, but also because I knew I could do a fairly decent job of it.  Of course, in true form, I made it much harder on myself. And, yes, there are some that I look at and cringe, but I didn't have too much room for error, and if I would have started over every time I made a mistake I would have run out of envelopes.  So, that said, I pushed through.  There are 3 guests still on my "I'm not sure if you would even want to come, so why do I want to punish myself with another envelope" list and 5 people whose addresses I had and then lost. Go figure.  But I couldn't send out the STDs without the registry being compiled to satisfaction, so I'm glad that this is pretty much an item that can be crossed off.

I will need to stop at the post office and have them weighed, and ask about postage for our Canadian and Brazilian guests, but that's the final step!  Then there's some breathing room, at least until the invitation madness begins.  It's only a partial DIY project, and we made our final decisions and ordered the supplies a few days ago, so we will be ready to tackle it piece by piece, over a very long period of time.  =)  Those bad boys don't have to go out until the end of February, so if I can work on them little by little it shouldn't be too painful.

Anyway, like I said, at the end of the day the only important factor is who's waiting for me at the end of this journey.  Or, more realistically, as I begin the real journey.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Does Everybody Know What Time It Is?

If you said (or shouted) "Tool Time!" kudos for the 90s Home Improvement reference, however, you would be wrong. Today is officially the 7 month mark until the BIG day. EEK! and YAY! *confetti cannon*

As has become a bit of a tradition (really... does two consecutive months in a row make a tradition???) it's time for a quick recap of all the amazing progress made in the last 31 days, annnnd a look ahead.  Are you ready for this? I went nuts last month!

Tasks Completed:
- Guest List Finalized (and of course we are over our cap!)
- Address compilation (completed except for 4!)
- STDs ordered and 40 out of 75 envelopes have been addressed, stuffed and sealed.
- BM dresses finalized and 3 outta 6 were ordered, I know 2 have even been received, yay!
- Honeymoon destination reselected; itinerary set up; flights arranged; initial deposit paid.
- Brooch Bouquet (huge PITA and success): rest of brooches ordered; backs wired - talk about a                   marathon...but I digress; bouquet assembled and secured ready for final touches.
- Brooch Bouts: Separated into groups, need to glue and secure (Hubby to be's alll done!)
- Veil supplies purchased and design selected
- My "H" for the Generations of Love set up has been painted and is all but finished.
- Ceremony music and order selected; with exception of actual mass music
- Further planning for Ring Warming - love locks and letters in the chest (more on this later!)
- Initial research into "Guest Book": bench v. vintage postcards and special mailbox v. typewriter v. memory book
- Deposits paid for both the DJ and cocktail and dinner time entertainer.
- Figured out Favors and ordered (and received) hex jars!
- Lots of work on Shoes (and more stones ordered)!
- Supplies purchased for envelope liners... way in advanced.
- Set up block of rooms @ Crowne Plaza (albeit a very small block, c'est la vie).
- Ordered add'l gifts for BM Ash
- Table names selected
- Research into Alcohol quantities started

For Next Month (aka the HYDRA):
- Set up Final Pre-Marriage Counseling session; pick date/location and reserve space
- Finish Brooch Bouquet and Bouts
- Set up appointment w/ MUA (figure out if she's still "In")
- Finalize plan for guest book...
- Start gathering lots of money! (deposits become due in October... *gulp*)... HEY! I think this is a valid item
- Send out STDs (figure out postage/hand-cancelling issues)
- Finalize registries
- Try and finish Shoes.
- Figure out overall look/concept for Invitation Suite
- Finish up BM bags and give out the rest (and find a box to send BM J's).
- Figure out contents/items to purchase for OOT bags (and how this will work)
- Work on a Plan B for the Baker situation, just in case.
- Are we doing E-Pics? If so... this show needs to get on the road.
- Start thinking about ordering Invites (find out cost and see if this will have to wait a bit).
- Finalize Menu
- Determine whether centerpieces will need to be bolstered and how.
- Table Names - concept?

Man 'o Man... they just keep comin' don't they?  Sadly I know I've forgotten some stuff from each list, but it's alright, not like there's a shortage of things to do now is there?!?!?!

Stay tuned my darlings, I have a feeling things are about to get interesting!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Sound of Music

Did you realize that I started this blog with 420 days until the wedding, and today is 215?!?! 205 days ago... holy cannoli! 

Anyhoo, I spent a godly amount of time on the Brooch Bouquet and on Ceremony music this weekend.  The bouquet will get its own post, but I did want to share some of the amazing music choices that I was finally able to decide on.

As I've mentioned in the past, we're using family friends to sing during the actual ceremony and mass, but because we are doing the ring warming, I wanted them to be part of the "guests" before the ceremony begins.  Thus began my quest for music that is not only appropriate for the Church, but is wholly "us."

After a few months of finding some contenders, such as:

That was really as far as it had gotten.  Then I stumbled across The Vitamin String Quartet (for those of you who are not familiar, click the link and explore some of their covers, go ahead, I'll wait...)

They are, in a word, incredible.  I love that they do covers of popular music and classic rock (as well as heavy metal - such a trip).  But I love most that they have songs that are meaningful to us as a couple.  And not necessarily just meaningful in a sentimental way, but fun too.  

Since the songs are all instrumental they work for the Church, and because they are songs that almost everyone knows there will be that moment of "Hey... this sounds familiar..." which makes the whole thing a little more mellow.

Some of the songs we liked that we did not make the final cut were: Welcome to the Jungle; Man in the Mirror; Anything, Anything; and At Last... to name a few.

Those that did win (in the order they will be played):

Songs while Guests arrive (approx 20-25min):
Layla - (see website for snippet)

Songs for Ring Warming (approx 5-10 minutes):
Crash Into Me - (see website for snippet)

Song for Parents/Gparents being seated:
Have I Told You Lately (that I Love You) - (see website for snippet)

Processional Songs:
I'll Stand By You - (see website for snippet)

With the exception of Canon in D, all the songs are as performed by Vitamin String Quartet.  The version of Canon in D that I am using is as performed by the London Symphony.  We're really excited about our choices.  I know that the whole songs for a few of the seatings will be cut, but in general it is really the mood of them that makes me most happy.  This is just another of those details many people will miss, but that makes me smile to know how nicely it fits into our overall vision for the day.


Friday, September 9, 2011

The Love of My Life, and well, the Other Love of My Life.

Italy...  and here is the story of how my fabulous Husband to Be made this life long dream come true...

We were trying to plan what our Honeymoon would look like in Thailand so that we could start to officially plan and book it. Well, that was tricky.  We realized that out of the places we wanted to stay, there was no easy way to move between them.  Also, neither of us was familiar with the territory, so how would we know if we were making huge planning mistakes? Yes, this is part of the adventure of traveling, but how much do you really want to risk on your honeymoon???

Exactly.  Enter Husband to Be.  He sat on the computer for hours, God Bless 'im, tweaking and planning and tweaking and planning, until we found an affordable way for us to take a 6 city (3 or is it 4 country) 20 days and nights tour of Western Europe.  We get about 3 days per place, which is enough to enjoy and give me a taste of each.

Where are we going you ask? Well! Why don't I show you?

First destination: Edinburgh, Scotland

 Where we will drink this:
I was going to post a picture of Haggis, because Future Hubby is obsessed with it (think of Homer drooling... yea he looks like that), but have you seen that stuff? *shudder* not particularly something you want to show off.

Destination 2: London, England

Where we will see this:
and eat this:

and drink this:
before heading to Destination 3: Paris, France

Where we will maybe see one of these:
Definitely eat some of these:

And drink a little of this:
Destination 4: Venice, Italy

Where we will eat A LOT of this:

And drink some more of this:
Destination 5: Florence, Italy

and eat a little more of these

and definitely drink more of this!

Until we finally end up at destination 6: Roma, Italy

Where, you guessed it, we will probably eat some more of this:

And I will drink more of this

While Husband, now tired of the above, will try and find some of this
Annnnd then, we will be doing this the whoooole way home!