Thursday, December 29, 2011

52 Card Pick-Up

To say it's been awhile would be an understatement.  To say I've had nothing to write about, a lie.  So here's the troof.  I'm overwhelmed, ya'll.  I missed my "4 month" post (with my super cute image, i may just stick in somewhere else because it's been waiting to be used for months and months now) and had completely kicked wedding to-dos to the curb.  That's not me!

Then I started to notice something, that lovely foundation I had built to keep me on task and help make my life easier right about now, started to crack. Not only that... time didn't just march on, it sucker punched me in the face and pushed me into the mud.  How am I sitting here with only 107 days until W-day.  107 days!

I could ramble on about the never ending Hydra... but i'll be honest, it looks about the same as it has the last few times.  Some jobs just can't get done early.  I could also tell you about the awesome meeting I had with my Aunt and DOC (for the Church) this past weekend, and all the fun festivities that are in the works... but, well.  My heart isn't in it.

I've been hit with a series of unfortunate events.  Nothing that is a total fiasco, yet anyway, but enough things that are making me want to bash my head into a wall v. picking up the phone (it's never good news!!!).  My wedding planning has turned into a game of 52 card pick up.  Do you remember this game?  When you're a kid the adult makes it sound so fun, and the next thing you know you're surround by cards (some still flying in the air - maybe in your hair) and you have to pick them all up.  wtf? this is not a game, this isn't fun at all!!!

Sorry, let me stick to the highlights - first, my caterer went awol.  It appears we're back on track, but it was touch and go for awhile.

The whopper is I've lost my officiant.  This is not to say we were out for a walk and I turned my head and he was suddenly kidnapped or something... although it felt a bit like that.   Here's what happened.  He forgot to put us in his calendar, and now he's booked something else. Out of town.

This whole situation has me a little flustered.  I did everything right (almost - but we'll get to that).  I contacted him as soon as we had a date (given his age you could argue this may have been a little early, but oh well.) and he confirmed he was in, so long as he was... around.  When I learned about this little mishap, I contacted him immediately, and to say that he was... i don't know, he wasn't anything more then matter-o-fact.  He has something else going on, and I should contact X, Y or Z.  No, let me see what I can do, I did promise you ages before any of this was in the works... nope, just a "all that matters is you getting married and starting a new life..." right. yes. let's patronize me please.

*insert long drawn out sigh here*  This is not a huge deal in the broad spectrum of things, I know this.  However, given the history with this particular person, it's hard to let go of.  Especially when my inner two year old is shouting "I was first, and you are the one who messed up so why must I be punished?" (you have to admit, that's good logic - even for a two year old.)

Here's what I did wrong.  I assumed that when people said they had talked to him and had been communicating with him regarding my wedding, this meant he was well aware of the date.  I should have checked in months ago and just followed up, made sure I was still on his radar. Like I have with every other vendor (and which I am doing again after the new year).  I know this.  I do this at work, every, single, day.  So frustrating.

Yes, there are other options, but those people are essentially strangers to me, which makes me a little... underwhelmed? uncomfortable? sad? yes, yes and yes.  We have one potential, but there are a lot of contingencies so it's not feeling like much of a possibility at the moment.  This possibility would be someone that played an integral part in the preparation required for our wedding - and thus someone both Will and I are comfortable with.  This seems like a great trade off.  If, given a series of events out of my control, this cannot be... I will be left with my strangers.  And I will be grateful that I had them to consider, but I will still be sad that even though I did everything right, I didn't win this time.  At least for awhile.

So here I am... 3+ months away from my wedding and the last 15 months of careful and intensive planning is starting not to matter.  The universe has a funny way of reminding you how very little your carefully laid plans matter.  Hopefully, we get all of these kinks out of the way now.  I have a feeling that we're not quite done with the shenanigans yet though - bad news has a way of coming in threes.

I'll keep you posted!  And - next time I'll focus on the good and exciting stuff! Instead of the sad, bad and yucky!