Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hotel California

Well technically we're talking about a very specific area of California... but you get the idea. *the true name of the hotel has been omitted for the sake of confidentiality.

All of my bridal timelines say that somewhere around 6 months you should start reserving blocks of rooms for your guests.  I just want to reiterate that we're closer to the 7.5 mark, as some background information as you read.

So I called the hotel that is partnered with our venue (both in terms of discounted rates and a complementary shuttle).  Everything goes along smoothly, and Casey promptly returns my calls. Then disaster strikes.  Okay maybe not a real disaster, but it was a curve ball of epic proportions.

Enter: Long Beach Grand Prix.

Oh yes, the event that causes all true Long Beach citizens a momentary wince of apprehension.  The noise and crowds are just short of legendary, and it literally takes the city a good month or so to prepare.

Why didn't you think of this Future Mrs. H?  Well, friends, simply put, I'm not getting married in Long Beach, how the heck was I to know that this cursed event could ruin my wedding plans from two cities and a bridge over?!?!?

This means quite a few things.  (1) My lovely discounted prices have evaporated.  Casey is a great guy and was able to provide us with a bit of a discount from the rates that the other guests will be using that weekend, but it's the principle that has me waving my fist in the air, crying out to God at the injustice.

Gone With the Wind
Somehow, I get the feeling Scarlett knows what I mean. (The family connection to the movie must have something to do with, but alas, that is a story for another day).

That brings us to (2): they can only hold 15 rooms.  I originally anticipated needing between 25-30.  EEK!  I'm not sure what this really means for guests.  I have looked into other hotels, but there is a similar situation going on in all the surrounding cities.  I guess it really will be first come first serve, and our family members coming from out of town will take precedence.  In my defense, I have warned everyone about the situation. It's really up to them at this point to figure out what they will need to do.

If we switch hotels, which realistically really won't solve many (if any) problems - we also lose the shuttle.  I just hope people realize that this is, in fact, a SITUATION, and one that will need to be handled early.  I'm telling myself not to worry about the people that try and wait until next January... but I am sure I will never hear the end of it.

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