Friday, August 19, 2011

Lighting a Fire

Man, did I light a fire under my butt or what? (that rhymes, hee hee).  Since my now notorious post (I suppose referring to a specific post 3 different times is enough to make it notorious) regarding our Hydra of a To-Do list, I have crossed off almost half of it! The biggest items (which have brought the most relief) are the muscian, dj and the BM dresses.  I talked all about the dresses yesterday, so let me share our musical entertainment.

For the cocktail/dinner hours, we wanted someone who could class the place up a little. =)  With our venue being as romantic and magical as it is, we wanted to set that romantic mood.  We tossed around quite a few possibilities, and thought we had found some great options, that is, until we saw how much it was going to cost us to have a jazz trio place for 1.5 - 2 hours. HOLY CANNOLI! Okay, back to the drawing board.

We used a combo of recommendations and the website Gig Masters, which I have to say really makes things convenient.  We were able to bid out what we needed, down to the location and exact times, so that our musicians could give us as detailed an estimate as possible.

I suppose I could bore you with all the tedious trial and error, I know I love to be detailed, but in an effort to cut to the chase, here are the winners:

Cocktail/Dinner Entertainment -
Gary Gould and the Saxophone PLUS (we will just be utilizing the saxophone)

First, take a second or two to meet Gary...

We spent hours watching his youtube videos, I think 3 months after finding him, no one ever impressed us as much as he did.  (or perhaps we were just inspired by The Sexy Sax Man).  Gary is obviously talented, but also really nice and funny.  He's just the kind of person that we can place our trust is, knowing that the result will be exactly what we want.

After finding Gary, it was important that "Party" time be just as special.  Just like we needed Gary to set the mood, we needed our DJ to be able to do the same and really get the dancing portion of our evening started. Since we were splitting our budget between two different entertainers, price was really important.  We didn't need all the bells and whistles so many DJ services try and offer, it would ruin the mood of the venue itself with too many flashing lights or fog machines.  We turned back to Gig Masters, and found DJ Mike.

-DJ Extraordinare
DJ Mike Gonzo

While DJ Mike's video isn't on youtube, he does have a promo video on GigMasters (click here).

He responded to us within an hour of both our initial estimate request, and our follow-up questions (with reassurance and humor!) He's just as professional and fun as Gary, without being arrogant or overblown.  (DJs are intense!)

We are so excited about both of our choices, and can't wait for you to all meet them too!


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