Sunday, August 14, 2011

T - 8 months, and counting!

Can you believe it!! I feel like I was just creating all of my countdown pictures a week ago.  This last month flew by.  I'm not sure if I am more excited or shocked.  When we planned on an April 2012 wedding... back in November of 2010, it felt like it was NEVER going to get here.  I have been gathering ideas and planning since day 1, and when just a week ago I would have said I'm on top of everything I'm so far ahead, now I'm having wedding dreams where things aren't finished and I keep finding myself listing all of things that need to be done in my head.  Funny how things can change so quickly.

In an effort to best find my sanity, I thought I would compile a list of the things that are still hanging over my head, and the things that were taken care of in the last month.  Hopefully when I see how much was accomplished I won't be so stressed out about everything left over!!! (Here's to hoping).  Alright, Father of the Bride is on the TV, Scooty is purring in my lap, and a big cup of coffee is in hand err... sitting beside me.

Projects & Items Tackled in the Last Month:
-Finished Pre-Marriage Counseling with the Church (attended two meetings with the Sorias, and learned so! much about communication, avoiding misunderstandings, recognizing and appreciating personality differences (THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES -invaluable), learning about "precious moments" and how to hold on to those mid-argument, and a plethora of other great tips).

-Tears of Joy Packets -DONE! BM Sarah came over one afternoon and we knocked these (and our heads) out.  After a few mishaps, it was a pretty fun and easy project, nothing a little Dirty Dancing on the TV didn't speed along.

-BM Bags -All but finished... I need to work on Ashley's, and gather her goodies, since we upped our Bridal Party (an unplanned by happy event!)

-Cake! Tasting done, flavors selected.  Need to finalize the tiers and nail down deposits with Jenny.

-Brooch compiling commenced! Project Brooch bouquet has begun (I think Will is more excited then I am hee hee).

-Selected something Blue. Very excited about this.

-Initial call to Gary Gould, need to call him back though!

Gosh, I thought there was more. Argh.  Well, I did visit the site with Aunt Nancy, Gma, Aunt J and Mom.  We found out that the ceremony space is being revamped and now it can be the dance floor (best discovery).

Okay, now for the much scarier To-Do List (no particular order):
1. Finish stoning shoes. [go to downtown]
2. Buy Will's shoes - stone.
3. Finalize Menu.
4. Finalize Cake details w/ Jenny.
5. Call Gary Gould back, figure out deposit situation and nail down details.
6. Find a DJ.
7. Order STDs and Invites.
8. Finalize Guest List so that I can do #7.
9. Bridal Party clothes... find dress similar to inspiration but for less; select GM and GL outfits; talk to Jen about FG dresses -Can we make these?
10. Work on Brooch Bouquet (figure out how to handle bouts. and BM bouquets).
11. Get veil.
12. Are we adding things to Centerpieces? Figure out what if any.
13. Start collecting Generations of Love pictures, get them framed.
14. Start planning for Bar - design menu.
15. Engagement pictures, is this still happening?
16. Finalize wedding registry.
17. Honeymoon - get the ball rolling.
18. Nail down main ceremony details; start drafting program.
19. Flower girl baskets.
20. Ceremony music, how am I split this up?
21. Flowers - how much of any am I going to incorporate, and what? [candles in Church?]
22. Trip to downtown w/ Tess to get necklace stuff.
23. BM gifts - Ashley

Alright, that's all I can think of off the top of my head, and I refuse to look for more things to add to that crazy list! I had about 6 things on the accomplished list and 23 on the to-do list.  Holy Cow! The most stressful thing is that just about all of these are going to also mean $$$. Ugh. Okay, no more of this, the excitement has officially been beaten down by the stress, and I need to go re-find it so time to think on the Brooch Bouquet...

Until Next Month..........

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