Friday, August 26, 2011

I Know Why the Birdcaged Veil Sings

This post was going to be titled Veiled Animosity, for the sheer fact that this stupid detail has caused me more anxiety then just about anything next to the budget and maybe the bridesmaids dresses.  But this, my darlings, is the story of my quest for the most amazing finishing touch.

When you imagine a bride, of course you think of a poofy white dress, but a bride is not a bride without the veil.  Otherwise what is she really, but a pretty girl in a white dress?

My biggest issue with the veil is that I just can't imagine it on me.  I think subconsciously I always imagined the drama of a cathedral length veil (for those of you that are not currently living and breathing weddings, that means it's really long and drags on the floor.)  But my dress... ah, Caroline how I miss you (yes, I named my dress Caroline, deal with it)... has so much detail that a veil that length would just compete with it.  Add to that my very tall shoes and tendency to fall down and go BOOM, well that just seems to be a recipe for disaster.

I also can't imagine a veil that only goes to the shoulders... it reminds me of the 80s in a bad way, and I LOVE the 80s.  With the hair style I have in mind though, and the earrings I plan on wearing it would just be a whole lot of competition.

This leaves me with one of two veil options: (1) Birdcage; or (2) Waist/Hip/Fingertip -yes, this seems like multiple options, but its essentially the same thing.  I teeter between the two.  It's not easy to pick a veil site unseen, oh and did I mention how frickin expensive these flimsy things are... we're talking anywhere from $20-$2400. No joke, google it.  Can you imagine paying that much and then, god forbid, stepping on it and tearing it. Ugh, it gives me a stomachache just thinking about it!

So here are the remaining possibilities:
Rtisan @ Etsy

VeilsbyMartha @ Etsy
dsbridal @ Etsy

Mariosbridal @ Etsy

I found those contenders on Etsy, and then I found my real inspiration, which as inspiration has a tendency to do, threw me in a whole new direction. 

Vintage Lace Cap with Veil

Isn't it gorgeous?  The issue with this is of course the price, but also, because it's vintage the actual tulle of the veil is discolored, meaning it would have to be replaced.  My idea though, would be a lace skull cap (no not a doily sitting on my head, but a fitted cap similar to what the Jewish men wear) with the birdcage veil across the face.

My research unfortunately did not turn up to many caps of this sort.  That means I have to make one, find one, or move on.  We may be in luck, because my Grandma think that what I am describing sounds like what she wore on her wedding day... and if that's still around it would be incredible. So I have my fingers, toes and eyes, crossed.

I love the idea of the cap with the birdcage because then it will really capture the vintage feel I am going for.  I think I can make a birdcage veil on my own pretty easily.  I found the Russian Netting for only $4, and I have rhinestones from my shoes, so I just went to Joann's and picked up a hair comb and some jewelry string... this should be easy, but I am Megan so I'm sure I'll end up gluing myself to it or something.  Hopefully I create my very own birdcage veil, and then I can focus on finding that cap.  My plan B is to just use the strap from Caroline and turn it into a fascinator, which was actually part of the informal plan anyways...

However if this idea goes down in flames like my favor idea did the other day, I may just find a veil similar to picture 2 of the waist length above... who knows. I spent about 6 hours the other night trying to figure out what I want, and then couldn't sleep because I was about 5 minutes away from buying the horribly overpriced skull cap... arg.  This truly is a stressful process, and not because anyone else is pressuring me, I just want so badly for all the details to come together and to create that perfect look.  Yes, I'll admit to keeping it a secret, this insane desire to make my little girl dream come true.

Alright, since you asked, I will tell you my secret dream:

I want to be a beautiful bride, and I want my groom to lose his breath and tear up when he sees me for the first time in fully bridal regalia... I want my dreams to come together and each little piece brings me that much closer to it.  It's just such a ridiculous process, I mean I'm 7.5 months away and I feel like if I don't get this veil situation figured out ASAP all my carefully erected pieces will fall down. Like Jenga, but not as fun.

So there you have it, my plan and my fears.  Hopefully my DIY adventures go well this weekend.  I don't know if my sanity, or my bank account, can handle anymore game changers...

Wish me luck friends, I could use some help from the DIY gods over the next few days....

Cue music please... here I go again, on my own... (I figured they always have music in the movies when the protagonist is about to embark on an epic journey, seems fitting I would get some too!) After all, aren't I the star of this whole fiasco?

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