Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy as a Beav....err Bride?

Since sitting down over the weekend and compiling the dreaded to-do list, I have knocked out quite a few little items.  Let's review shall we?

1. Finish stoning shoes. [go to downtown]: Sat down with Mom and a glass of wine, worked until we literally ran out of stones; now to go buy more!
2. Buy Will's shoes - stone. He has selected the ones he wants, now to buy them!
3. Finalize Menu.
4. Finalize Cake details w/ Jenny. -email sent, awaiting updated estimate
5. Call Gary Gould back, figure out deposit situation and nail down details. -called, emails exchanges, awaiting contract.
6. Find a DJ.
7. Order STDs and Invites.
8. Finalize Guest List so that I can do #7.
9. Bridal Party clothes... find dress similar to inspiration but for less; select GM and GL outfits; talk to Jen about FG dresses -Can we make these?
10. Work on Brooch Bouquet (figure out how to handle bouts. and BM bouquets). -Almost halfway done with the Brooches we have in hand (45 out of 76) The wired brooches are currently suspended off our living room wall, and we have about 50 more brooches coming in the next few weeks a-la-ebay!
11. Get veil. -have begun the search
12. Are we adding things to Centerpieces? Figure out what if any.
13. Start collecting Generations of Love pictures, get them framed.
14. Start planning for Bar - design menu.
15. Engagement pictures, is this still happening?
16. Finalize wedding registry.
17. Honeymoon - get the ball rolling.
18. Nail down main ceremony details; start drafting program.
19. Flower girl baskets.
20. Ceremony music, how am I split this up?
21. Flowers - how much of any am I going to incorporate, and what? [candles in Church?]
22. Trip to downtown w/ Tess to get necklace stuff.
23. BM gifts - Ashley -main piece ordered. =)

Okay so thats 7 things that are in process.  Not too shabby right?  I also ordered a few things from VP with my nifty "free" coupons, so I can finish up the Photosharing cards in a few weeks (not even an item on the list, see how this thing multiplies like a Hydra?) I also have a wine date with my MOH for Friday and we'll work on something then too... probably the bridal party attire...

See, look at me go! Motivated and ready for action. =) Aren't  you proud of me too?

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