Monday, August 29, 2011

These Shoes Were Made for Walkin' (down the aisle)

Well friends, I am happy to report that serious shoe efforts were made this weekend.  We ordered 16 more gross of rhinestones... yes, thats right... 16 gross.  Maybe you aren't aware of how many rhinestones that is, let me break down the numbers.

1 gross = 144 pieces

We originally bought 2 different sizes (16ss and 20ss) per color, and 4 colors total: Silk AB, Crystal AB, Tanzanite, Purple Haze... and we got 2 gross per size per color.

Thats 16 gross to start! And we just about ran out (we still have about half of our original amount in the silk and crystal colors (so 1 gross per color - maybe), however, we were completely out of both shades of purple).

So yes, we just got 16 more gross in just the purple.

16 gross = 2304 pieces x 2 = 4,608 stones purchased thus far!!!!!

AND WE'RE NOT EVEN HALFWAY DONE YET! Well, thats a bit of a misconception, the stones have been purchase but not applied, we may have left overs. (cross your fingers).

Anyway, now that you with me on the intensity of the rhinestone situation, would you like to see the shoes version 6.5?

Ta-da! They're really coming along aren't they? *insert wistful sigh here* I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT wait to wear these... the way they sparkle is overwhelmingly beautiful... I wish the pictures did them justice.

Anyhoo - stay tuned for the final result... if you're still with me that long! =) haha


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