Thursday, August 18, 2011

Saying YES to the Bridesmaids Dress

And what a mission this was.  I went back and forth between so many dresses.  The first real contender was in the right price range, but wasn't really "vintage," plus my grandma hated it and a BM hated that it had pockets. Enough drama there to have me moving on.

Then I found the perfect dress.  The color was amazing.  The back was sexy in an elegant way, it was simply but it had a flower detail that matched my dress.  It was way over budget, okay so that was out.

Then, my darling MOH found this little number (sorry the pictures are C*&^):

Photos Courtesy of

 in this Color - "Regency" 
Finally! Something flirty and fun, with that vintage edge.  I can just imagine the twirling that will be going on at the reception.  The length is perfect, the cut is flattering, the chiffon gives the dress the touch of romance that I really want for our day (and it's perfect for Spring and the Garden reception), AND its less then what my BMs gave me as a budget.  So win win win, win win.

So far 3 out of 6 BMs approve... thats a majority in my mind. =) Hopefully there aren't any major hiccups and I can put this item of my to-do list behind me!


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