Friday, November 4, 2011

If You Like It, Then You Should... Throw Money At It?

Friends, I would like to start this off by saying I officially have 3 readers. Yes! (Hi Justin!!!)

As the days are literally starting to fly by (seriously, its already November... where the the hell did October go?) I find myself spending more time buying things for the wedding, then working on projects.  I am guessing this will be a familiar state for the next 5.5 months (gag... 5 1/2 freaking months... seriously time to get my bride-to-be booty in gear...)

With all of the stress that is just snowballing, it really is easier to say "F-it, lets just pay for it and have it done" then to keep finding ways to make it myself, for less.  Because lets be honest friends, time is money... actually saving time = sanity... which is priceless.

All of that said, there are still 4 major projects in the works.  Finishing up my shoes (which I plan to make huge strides in this evening... haha strides... get it?) starting and finishing my veil, the programs (which require actually having a set schedule and plan... hmmm maybe I should start really thinking about this? you know, because its the part where we're actually doing the whole "I do" thing...) and the favors - which is a mini project and can't be done until March anyway.  Actually, wait, I also have to sit down and assemble and address the invitations... how the heck did that not make it into my list?!?! Side Story: totally ordered the invites yesterday without even sitting down once to think about what the heck they were suppose to say... errr... yes, this is a prime example of wanting to throw money at things so they go away.  Its sort of like an epic game of hot potato, I turn into a utter spaz when the potato (ball?) is in my hands and need to fling it away from me in all haste!

Back to my never ending hydra: I also have not factored in the stupid escort cards... (I only call them stupid because I cannot think of any sort of fun way to do this.  I mean really people... the thought of figuring out where people will sit to avoid potential world wars is just madness... not to mention I don't know who is officially coming... so this is another March project!) I need to finish up the table names and bar signs... oh, and figure out how our guest book set up is going to work, and ask the mister to assemble that madness... [yes there was more money throwing going on here as well...]

Yikes.  See what I mean? Snowballs.  Hydras.  Money.  I think there's an equation there, but I am not entirely certain of how it looks.  Maybe: Hydra = Snowball = Money...

or Snowball + Hydra = Avalanche of Stress + Money.




Yea, that sounds about right. Poor Piggy...

Anyway, as you can tell from the musings above, I may be getting towards the end of my creativity rope, but that's okay. I just need to follow through on the things that I have in the works, and I think thats doable in 5.5 months (gag! really, the physical reaction to that countdown is just nuts!) but I have a feeling there will be much more money throwing in my future!

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