Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I've gotten to the point in our wedding planning process where I want to share things you with you dear readers (all two of you... hi Mom!) but, knowing that the save the dates have gone out and a wandering eye or two of some of our guests may find their way here... well, there's some things that just need to be experienced fresh on the day of.  For full impact, ya know?

That, however, has not kept me from plodding along on my ever growing DIY task list.  I may have mentioned a time or two, about the unflagging support of Future Husband and how he helps keep me motivated about the various elements we have decided to take on.

We have began the slow process of piecing together small elements of our invitations.  Tangent: I thought these wouldn't have to go out until the end February but I actually need a final count in the beginning of March, which means my invites have to go out in the beginning/middle of January, with an RSVP for the end of February... YIKES!

We have also decided on the style of our Programs, and I am absolutely dying to share them with you.  They are fantastic, and handmade, and just so so fabulous.  Great keepsakes. However, that is one of the secrets I am forcing myself to keep.

We decided this weekend that it's time to take up our families on their offers of support (granted, some persons have been a little more lackluster than others... one of those "let me know if you need anything... (but please never ask me for help)" situations).  Between the invites and now the programs (and lets not discuss the shoes or veil for now...) there's a lot of little steps that can be knocked out in a matter of hours v. the days it would take us on our own.  As such, we're going to wait for the rest of the supplies to straggle in over the next couple of weeks, and then we'll arrange for a crafting weekend in the mountains.

It will be a semi retreat/project marathon where we can tackle some of these project pieces and perhaps even begin to assemble them.  We may need a few of these, but at this point neither of us want another Bouquet situation...

Anyhoo, enough with the mystery for now.  Can I share an element of these secrets I speak of?  You have to promise you'll act suitably surprised and awed at the wedding... okay.  Here's my most recent computer crafting:

I know, I'm pretty proud of it too! Where is this lovely little element going to appear you ask?  I'll never tell! [at least not for another 171 days!]

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