Friday, July 29, 2011

Something Wonderful

If ever there was a phrase a bride becomes familiar with, it's "What are your somethings?" and even though I anticipated this question there was never really anything special something that stood out.  So, for the girl who has already spent 9.5 months planning every minute detail of her wedding day, this was a gray area until yesterday.  I have to tell you, I am stoked! that I have this figured out now (I know, I know, random punctuation in the middle of a sentence is a no no, but hey, I was emphasizing).

As most of you will know, Will and I were given my grandparent's wedding bands.  This is really close to my heart, because in a world where next to no one truly values and understands the importance of a marriage, my grandparents will be celebrating their 50th year of marriage the same year that I finally get to say "I Do!" or maybe shout, depending on how excited I am.

With this concept in mind, I was suddenly fixated on the idea of growing old together.  Maybe that's why the vintage wedding feels so magical to me.  It's an era where the D word was just about non-existent.  So with our gifted wedding bands in tow, I have my something old.

I thought long and hard over my something blue, this is an area to really get creative, but nothing seemed like the right puzzle piece for me.  Yesterday, my grandma showed me the handkerchief that she was given for her wedding day.  It was white and use to be embroidered in blue, but has faded over the years.  And since you can technically say I was named after my Grandma (you have to use a little imagination, as this was not a conscious effort on my Mom's part... but Megan is a derivative of Margaret... so there you have it!) We thought it would be neat to embroider, in blue, the initial M.  Then we're going to embroider the year that my grandparents married (1952) and the year of my marriage (2012).  50 years, exactly, well... just about.  I'm sorry I couldn't hold out until August, Grandma, but I did pick the only other month that started with an "A!"

It was also brought to my attention that our officiant is the same man that married my grandparents. Here I was selfishly thinking only of the part where the officiant has performed every sacrament that I have been a part of since birth, but ya know... I wasn't around for their wedding, why would that be my first thought? But once it was brought to my attention, and the whisper of "vow renewal" gently placed in my ear. Hello, bloody brilliant!  I got the okay from my darling future husband, so now I just need to see how the grandparents feel.  I don't want to spring this on them, I want to give them the option, because maybe they would want to do their own thing for this, but I would love to share and give them the opportunity to do that, in the same place and with the same man, that they said their vows in front of 50 years ago.  The reason that this feels perfect to me, is because the rings worked once, and here we'll be 50 years later using them again and after Will and I make our promises to each other, my grandparents can continue the good luck by pledging another 50 years!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  My something new, is obviously my dress. And my something borrowed is TBD, however, as I was informed by my Aunt Julia, it traditionally comes from a happily married woman.  As she is one herself, I figured that meant she was volunteering, and now she is on the lookout for the perfect final touch that I can borrow. Perfect.

It's all coming together!!! Hopefully, our guests see all of the thought and love that went into our day!

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