Thursday, July 14, 2011

9 months to go!!!

I have been counting down the days until I could make this post.  In fact, I have avoided posting the last few days because I wanted it to be THIS post so badly.  Can you believe we are actually in the single digits now? At least month-wise.  We still have 275 days to go, but if the weeks keep flying by like they have been... well I may start being a bit more stressed then excited by my countdown. haha!

I have officially been engaged for 9 months today, as well, so we are dead in the middle of our wedding madness, and I think we have made some huge dents in our BIG picture To-Do List.  (more on those in a bit!)

As a recap there has been a good start to my DIY projects in the last few weeks.  My focus has been wedding party gifts, because that's something that won't be considered a priority in the months to come... (seriously, planning the ceremony v. putting together a personalized goodie bag... what do YOU think is going to win?) and this is an area that I would like to put effort into.  We have still be in the relative early stages here, so I haven't really leaned on any of the wedding party members, but that is going to change shortly I imagine, and I want them to know that I appreciate and love them very very much!  So, unfortunately for you my dear readers (or maybe I should just say Mom...) I will not be posting any pictures of my Bridesmaid gifts until after the girls receive them... just in case they sneak over here.  But I have put in over 30 hours worth of work on personalizing and planning and crafting just on them!

I also have started my activities for the little ones.  Side Rant: I am still stressed out about the indemnity agreement, I have no idea how to bring that up with my guests... I am just kind of hoping the non-family guests with kids want a grown up date night and don't even ask to bring their children... here's to hoping!  But it's inevitable that there will be kids there, helllooo they are IN the wedding.  So they need goodies too!  Weddings are BORING for kids, and the last thing I want is a bored cranky child stealing my thunder at my own party.  that I have been tirelessly planning.  since November of last year.  Yes, I think we can safely say this is a selfishly motivated project.  =) I'm okay with that.

My goal on those fronts is to start finishing up the last few things that can be done now, and turn my focus to some other projects.  I think the next two on the list will be the Tears of Joy Packets and the Flower Girl Baskets.  I have all of the supplies for both, so I see myself knocking out the ToJ this weekend, and then spending a few weekends (this will be serious trial and error) on the baskets.  I found some fantastic baskets at Joann's a few weeks ago, and they ended up being $3 each.  The only problem is they don't have a handle. So I have two thoughts: (1) braid some ribbon to create a handle or (2) use some grape vine and try and weave one.  Ambitious I know, but I found out my lovely future husband learned how to weave baskets in boyscouts, and in fact, has a merit badge to prove it! So this may work out... probably not though. =)  Either way, for $3 a piece, this was worth a gamble.

As for the Big Picture items, in the next month I will be ordering my Save the Dates (STDs... I know. Worst. Acronym. EVER.) Invitations and Reply Cards.  I have the design picked out and am super excited to get these projects started.  The acceptable time frame to send out STDs is 9-6 months prior to the wedding, so I was thinking end of August.  That means that the guest list will need to be officially finalized (HA!) and addresses accumulated beginning, well, now.  I also have some ideas to explore with the invites, so I want to order those early to see what I can realistically (afford) to do.

I am not sure who is more excited about the next big task for this month... Will or my Grandma.  But cake tasting is on the list.  Since I foresee everyone enjoying this item, I may spread it out a bit and try 3-4 bakers. Most places have free tastings, so this shouldn't cause too much of an issue.

I would also like to figure out the DJ/Band situation.  Originally Will and I discussed having a small jazz trio to play for out guests as they arrive for the cocktail hour, while we are finishing up at the church.  I don't know if this is budget friendly, so I think I need to find a DJ first, to determine what that cost is realistically going to look like.

I think, full time work schedules in mind, that my list is pretty healthy as it is.  So I will try to not give myself anymore big projects, but my mind is filled with all of the things that I would like to do.  There is a good chance I will be taking a trip (or two) to downtown LA for more rhinestones and to pick out my necklace for the wedding.  Will has a co-worker named Tess who is a jewelery maker, and she has kindly offered to help me make a necklace to match my earrings. So excited!

Alright my lovelies!  I think I have blown your mind enough for now.  =)

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