Saturday, February 26, 2011

Decisions Decisions!!!

So yesterday Mom and I were talking about when we were going the head down to Bergers in Downtown LA and start looking at rhinestones for my shoes. I think this is a pet project that is close to both our hearts and stems back to the dance costume days. For the record, Grandma is equally excited about tooling around the city and finding hidden treasures.

With the trip in mind I realized another decision loomed before I could even begin looking at stones: I HAD TO PICK OUT WHAT SHOES I WAS GOING TO WEAR!!! I knew two things going into this... I wanted them comfy, and I wanted them tall. I come by my shoe addiction honestly =) With a series of web tabs open, and the panic button a click away (for those of you who are unaware of the panic button, its an add-on you can download that will close all your tabs, in case you are like me and goof off at work now and again and don't want your boss to catch you! It saves your tabs and re-opens them when you click it again).

After a few hours of searching, I settled on Steve Madden's "Partyy" shoes. When I arrived at Nordstroms after work, I was ecstatic to find that not only did the shoes come in a beautiful champagne, they also came in navy and purple. I immediately tracked down a salesperson and requested a 9.5 in every color! The sweet soul literally brought me one in every color, including the fuchia. I apologized for not being more clear, and set the hot pink shoes aside (super cute by the way!).

Now a new round of decisions began. Do I want the purple ones to match my girls??? Do I use the navy and have my Something Blue??? Do I stick with the champagne because they will compliment any variety of stones, even if the color doesn't technically match my White White dress????

I walked around the shoe department in each pair, sometimes mixing colors, asking other shoppers for their opinions. I frantically snapped some pictures with my phone and started texting like I crazy woman. I called bridesmaid after bridemaid, finally realizing that I had no reception and no one was receiving my calls or my pictures. When the salesman made his 4th round and I was still wearing the purple and white shoe he echoed the decision I had reached: Buy them all, do a fashion shoe at home with my dress, and then return the two I didn't want.

I bought my shoes, ran outside into the freak rainstorm, and drove to grandma's (current home of The Dress) and called my aunt, mom, and grandma explaining the situation. =) We all met up at grandma's but no one could make a decision. Grandpa liked the white shoes because a bride is suppose to where white!!! (even if the white is not the same as the dress). Aunt Stacy likes the white, because of the stones, but thinks the purple are really fun. Mom likes the white. Justine likes the purple... and the blue. Will (yes fiance got a vote too) liked the purple, then saw the white and liked the white. And I like the purple and the white. I think we've unanimously ruled out the blue. But now what?!?!?!

I guess I will have to wait and see the rhinestone options to make the final decisions. Either that or I am going to splurge and keep the purple and the white =) Who knows... maybe I can wear the other pair at a shower or something??? ;)

For now, here's a picture of the shoes, well... at least the Before.

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