Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starbucks and Wendy Kathleen McElfish

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of finally meeting with our photographer Wendy Kathleen McElfish.

After spending a handful of years working with various photographers, I knew what I liked, and what kind of feel I wanted my pictures to have.  Wendy's style is very soft and romantic, her wedding pictures make me think of fairy tales, and I can't imagine a better thought for a wedding to convey.

I made the drive to Huntington Beach, and kept my eye out for the Starbucks.  Even with my GPS, I still managed to drive past it the first time, and when I made my way back I ended up outside of an Albertson's.  Now, the Albertson's did have a Starbucks in it, and yes I did go in a look for Wendy (hello, my name is Megan).  After wandering back out of the grocery store, and eying the giant barbecue pit that was being set up by the Huntington Beach fire department, I finally spotted the Starbucks and headed over.

I met up with Wendy in line and we grabbed a seat, chattering from the second we said hello until an hour and a half later when we left.  I think we talked about Will and I and the wedding for awhile, and I got to see more beautiful pictures, but mainly we talked about photography and all the ideas we had for photoshoots.  It was truly a meeting of minds.  I think there's a possibility Ms. Wendy and I will be collaborating in the future, so excited!

Minus the creepy guy who came up to us and was talking about how we should have someone filming our reflections in the window, because it looked so beautiful, it was a really enjoyable morning.

I know it's still a year away, but I am so excited to see how Wendy captures my fairy tale!

Please visit Wendy's site and leave her some love, she's so so talented!
Wendy's Website and Blog

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